Monday, May 19, 2014

Diadem Planners Launched

We have launched the beginning of our Diadem Planners Line! We are currently on Facebook and soon will be setting up our etsy shop.

We are excited to introduce our new planner line, designed with the goal to encourage women daily in our identity in Christ, help us successfully own our time vs. being owned by it so that we can invest our time in what is most important, an...d stay true to our calling to proclaim God's praises to future generations... our children and our church community.  As we are a brand new company, we would love for you to "like" our page and share it with your friends.  It is through your help that we will grow!  Part of the proceeds will be for sweet Chloe Gerling's future expenses (her mommy and a friend started this business).  Chloe was recently born with Mosiac Trisomy 22.  Our prayer is that this Diadem Planners can be a longterm source of blessing to her family, and to you, too!  To read more of Chloe and her family's testimony, visit