Saturday, August 28, 2010

Picasso and the Baroque

Tonight as we drove I asked Nicholas what it is like for a guy to try to understand a woman. His response "At times saying a woman is logical can be like saying a Picasso is Baroque style. I do not doubt the brilliance of a Picasso but I also don't see order."  After a quite comical pause I burst out laughing (at which Nicholas looked at me quizzically... I'm not sure if he originally intended that comment to be funny).  Then we both laughed and laughed.  Some of our funniest conversations are when we chat about the differences of men and women. 

Well later he said he does of course really know I'm logical (which I never doubted since I know women are very logical even if the males out there wonder at times) it is just that men and women can seem a mystery to each other.

Someday soon I need to drag Nicholas with me to NYC and show him some Picassos.  Maybe he will see some logical order in them.  Someday Nicholas plans to bring me back to Palazzo (palace) Barberini in Rome in order to see the grand Baroque style.  Until then I'm content to be a mystery.  And, Nicholas is content to have little golden bees on our bathroom towels in honor of the Barberini crest. 

Even if Nicholas comes to fully understand Picassos I know his Picasso wife will still always be somewhat of a mystery to him.  Just as he'll always be a mystery to me.  I will never be able to climb into to a guy's brain even if I have read 1,001 books on male/female differences.  And we like it that way.  Nicholas will never trade me in for a Baroque painting because being a Picasso is what makes me me.  I would never trade him in for a Picasso because being a Baroque type guy is what makes him him.  We balance each other so well because of this. 

We love God's creative design of males and females.  We love watching how our differences create the perfect "usness."  How two such opposites, yet both created in God's image, can make such a powerful union of purposeness and joy.  HAPPINESS!