Monday, June 8, 2009

June Thoughts :)

~ I'm continually amazed at God's graciousness toward me and the way He so intimately cares for every detail of His children's lives. After a huge semester of finishing seminary, church merger happenings, and delightful travels, I graduated in May.
~ I love watching the way God works in weaving each detail of our lives for His use. It is good to know that He doesn't waste time and He is carefully guiding every situation as He sovereignly weaves His tapestry for our lives. It has been a hard few years as I've seen a deeper aspect of the happenings of working in ministry, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
~ Particularly this semester it has been exciting to see the way theology has become increasingly alive - facets "clicking together" in many ways. I look back and see how soul forming my years at seminary have been and what a gigantic practical help it has been for my job and in engaging society.
~ These past months have also been rewarding as I've found such joy in seeing some special fruit in the lives of some of "my girls" (the high schoolers with whom I work). They are such treasures and it has been a deep delight to be a part of their lives. Also, it was really exciting to write the curriculum for our spring Coral Ridge women's Bible studies. I love writing and am now writing a curriculum for girls.
~ Currently I'm home in Kansas recovering for a week from a concussion. Later this summer I'll be heading to Mayo Clinic to seek insight into some medical issues that arose last fall. That's been a hard defining part of this year - something I have had to go to the Lord with again and again as I learn more deeply about trusting Him. I know He is writing His beautiful story for His glory and my greatest good. I know the Lord has His hand on this and I can find great joy in that.
~ Nicholas and I are increasingly thrilled about what the Lord has done for us and we're really excited about this new season of growing in knowing God together. We draw out the best in each other and never run out of discussion. We just spent the weekend together at my parents' house as we said goodbye to my grandmother who is not doing well. It was really a special time. Nicholas is in law school and continues to love politics and it has been fun to start seeking God together in this area. I'm looking forward to starting another degree in the fall and preparing for our wedding. :)