Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Times...

It was truly special to be in Manhattan last weekend with my family. I had a particularly delightful time with my sister, Anya, as we worked on homework at a coffee shop while drinking coffee from our "black hole" coffee cups (the ones that come with bottomless refills)... So much fun to be together! I'm really grateful for such a fabulous sister! On Valentine's Day we hosted a Valentine party for single ladies in my sister and parents' church. I loved hearing them share specific ways they'd experienced God's love for them this past year.
Last night at our women's Bible study I slipped out early to host a Valentine party for some teenage girls. It was a marvelous evening as they sat in the beautiful garden area behind my office...sharing their hearts and speaking words of blessing to each other. It was one of those nights where it seemed God did an especially beautiful work. They are such precious girls... royal diadems in the Lord's hands (Isaiah 62:3). He has awesome plans for them... I'm looking forward to how He leads and upholds them the coming years. What a great honor to be a part of their lives!
I've been encouraged lately in Isaiah... particularly Isaiah 61... what a glorious hope we have in God.
Soon I'll be heading to Thailand. I'm really excited about what the Lord will do! :) Hooray!
I'm sitting at a library where I am taking a break from working on Greek and helping one of my high schoolers with her science project. So now back to the perfective aspect and cell research :).